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  • AM-S6-S Hydraulic And Servo Motor System Fully-automatic Blow Mouding Machine
    Brand: Aman
    Product Code:
    Model: AM-S6-S
    The servo is adopted to drive the moving mechanism, triggering off a bottom mould linkage as well. The whole mechanism works speedy, accurately, stably and flexibly. Meanwhile, it is energy efficient and environmentally safe.
    The servo motor driven stepping system and stitching system have improved speed. Flexibility and accuracy of blowing.
    The high-pressure blowing system is also equipped with a gas recycling device (air recycling rate can be up to 30%) which may reduce power consumption by around 30kw per hour. That means you do not need the low-pressure air compressor any more, which will minimize your investment as well as space for placing the machine. In one word, it is energy-efficient and environmental safety.
    Simple side-in mould mount makes it possible for the operators to change moulds easily within 30 minutes.
    The main machine interface in highly automated and easy to operate.


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